Policies and Procedures

Abuse Prevention Policy

Anaphylactic Allergy Policy & Procedures

Behaviour Management Policy

Behavior Management Monitoring Form

Child Abuse Reporting Policy

Designated Space for Harmful Substances Policy

Emergency Management Policy – 218 Richmond St W

Emergency Management Policy – 25 Nicholas Ave

Exclusion of Sick Children Policy

Food from Home Policy

Food Temperature Safety Policy

Medication Policy

Outbreak Management Plan

Parent Concerns and Complaints Policy & Procedures

Playground Safety Plan – 218 Richmond St W

Playground Safety Plan – 25 Nicholas Ave

Playground Transition Procedure – 218 Richmond St W

Police Reference Check Policy

Policy for Monitoring Compliance and Contraventions

Program Statement

Program Statement & Implementation Policy

Provincial Wage Enhancement Policy & Procedures

Safe Water Drinking Act Policy

Sanitary Practices Policy

Serious Occurrences Policy

Sleeping Supervision Policies & Procedures

Snow Removal Policy

Staff Training & Development Policy

Supervision of Volunteer & Student Policy

Wait List Policy

Other Documents

Incidence Report

Medication Administration Form

Annual Staff Policy Review

Offence Declaration Form – for staff and volunteers

Parent Handbook – 218 Richmond St W

Parent Handbook – 25 Nicholas Ave

Registration Package (218 Richmond St W)

Registration Package – Fillable (218 Richmond St W)

Registration Package (25 Nicholas Ave)

Registration Package – Fillable (25 Nicholas Ave)

Introducing Your Child Form

Supplemental Registration Forms (Anaphylactic Allergies)

Immunization Exemption: Statement of Medical Exemption Form

Immunization Exemption: Statement of Conscience or Religious Belief Affidavit Form

Part-time to Full-time Enrollment Form

Tuition Rates – 2023

Tuition Rates – 2024